Our Story


For the last decade or so, the three of us have been working together and sharing ideas of how we could create a place for our friends and family to gather.
To play games, celebrate milestones, eat great food and enjoy exceptional brews, wines and cocktails. As much as we tried, we couldn't fit all of us into our homes.
So we figured the old Garden Street Market would have to do.

For two years, the concept kept pushing us forward. Many times, it seemed as if it would never be possible. Every new turn became a challenge to overcome.
The friends and family of this amazing community kept us going.

In the end, the only answer to getting it done was to just keep saying "yes".
And a close friend, coworker, townie or someone from away, was always right there to remind us - "you did the right thing."

So we are very happy and humbled to say hello... here we are... come on in, let's have some fun!

What is Crotux you may ask?

Crotux is a way of life. It is the act of enjoying life's pleasures, big and small. Most importantly making sure to stop and appreciate how fortunate we really are. When the world can be chaotic and tough, there is always something to be thankful for. Be it food, family, friends, games, drinks, and above all good times, we believe one must stop, take a moment, and appreciate how lucky we all are to have this life, this place, and to share it with others.

We'd like to be that place where you and yours can come enjoy the good times.....with us and ours.

Have fun, be well, live Crotux.


jake, dan and john

You did the right thing

Fun and games for the entire community to come and enjoy together.

Garden Street Bowl

Ten Pin bowling at its best

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. A perfect place to come with friends and family. 10 luxury lanes and gameroom allowing you to choose how you want to have your fun tonight

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Crotux Kitchen & Taphouse

Gastropub fare and libations

We offer over 2 dozen taps of craft beer, cider and wine. Pair that up with some great food from the Crotux Kitchen and you've got yourself a winning combination

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Garden Street Bowl
1 Garden Street
Kennebunk, ME 04043
P: (207) 636-7799